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Virtual Tour for Cappellini | AXO IN FABULA

Virtual reality to communicate valuable projects and amplify the impact of the brand

In 2021 Cappellini launched AXO IN FABULA, an idea of great cultural value that combines design and themes of social interest, and entrusted Dimensione3 with the creation of the virtual tour of the Milanese showroom, the setting for the initiative.

The project, which investigates the theme of socio-cultural regeneration, represents the new chapter of the story that Cappellini created together with the designer Elena Salmistraro and finds her protagonist in AXO, a nice fabric salamander made, as it was once done, by re-assembling and regenerating textile scraps, to give life to a series of unique pieces, design objects born from the collaboration with the Cooperative ALICE , promoter of “Ethically made in Italy”, the first Made in Italy supply chain guaranteed by WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization).

With AXO IN FABULA, the proposition of a design with a high social value continues, which highlights the issue of the impact of the textile industry in the community and, with a path of abstract works set up in the Santa Cecilia showroom, tells the concept of change and regeneration.

An important operation, the visibility of which was amplified by the digitization of the Milanese showroom . Thanks to the virtual tour created by Dimensione3, the design brand was able to amplify the communicative power of the project by making available online and on all its communication channels the possibility of virtually immersing oneself in the setting up of AXO IN FABULA and observing every detail of a path symbolic and surreal.

Enter the Cappellini Showroom tour | AXO IN FABULA.

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