Boundless living: virtual tour for Poltrona Frau

The first collection of outdoor furniture inspired by a space without limits in the virtual tour of Dimensione3.

Poltrona Frau , a symbol of lifestyle design, goes beyond the traditional boundaries of space with its new collection Boundless living outdoor collection and tells it with a virtual tour created by Dimensione3 .

Living without borders in a domestic space that becomes more fluid, abandons the functional divisions of the past, experimenting with a new use of furnishings. This is the concept of Boundless living outdoor collection , the first collection of outdoor furniture presented by Poltrona Frau at the Salone del Mobile 2021. The line communicates the idea that the traditional divisions of a house have been overcome and that true luxury consists in interpreting the space in a personal way, beyond any conventional, physical and imaginary barrier.

A vision without limits well represented by the choice to create a virtual tour to launch the collection and celebrate its beauty at Palazzo Gallarati Scotti, the brand’s new Milanese flagship store.

From the small internal courtyards to the finely frescoed eighteenth-century rooms, the outdoor of Poltrona Frau becomes a natural extension of the indoor virtual limitless exhibition designed to take Boundless living beyond all boundaries of the imagination

Visit the complete virtual tour from Poltrona Frau Boundless living.