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Tags are an indispensable tool that completes the tour and enriches it with valuable information and details:


Twinteraction is our unique solution that integrates video calls and chats into digital tours.

With Twinteraction you can accompany visitors on your tour.

Two remote users share the screen and communicate with video calls and chat. By viewing the same scene of the tour, the two users can share and deepen every detail, being able to exchange the “guide” of the walk.
Twinteraction is the solution that was missing to transform a digital tour into an interactive experience essential to remotely carry out any sales, communication, assistance, training activity.


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Virtual 3D objects in digital tours of real spaces. With this solution, communication has no limits.

Why insert virtual 3D objects on a digital tour? There are endless reasons and opportunities:



A mini map visible in the tour allows you to orient yourself and select a point in space in which to move, with a click.


Gallery and room selection

A gallery of a selection of views allows you to highlight some environments and to position yourself with a click in the corresponding point of the tour.

multilingual tour

Brand and menu

The brand is always visible at the top and a menu allows you to select different points of the tour on which to move. This format also allows you to create multilingual tours.

google tour

Google street view

The publication of the tour on google street view is optional at the customer’s request.


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