Tour Assistant

Tour Assistant is an integrated tool to assist visitors in real time, to accompany them remotely on the tour and interact to support them in their orders.

The software can be integrated into all Matterport tours.

Tour assistant include:

Tour Experience

With Tour Experience virtual tours become a unique interactive experience. Our team creates a customized service for the production and integration of interactive elements

Tour Meeting

Tour Meeting allows the synchronized viewing of a virtual tour during a call. The host is followed by the attendees during the exploration of the space, and he can entrust the control of the tour to any other user.

Tour meeting can be used during a call made with any videoconference system, Meet, Team, Zoom, etc. The Dimensione3 proprietary software platform can be integrated into all Matterport tours. Tour meeting include:


Tags are an indispensable tool that completes the tour with valuable information and details:


In our rendering tours we can simulate a configurator that allows you to view different versions of products, finishes, colors.

To change the version just click on the specific icon to see the simulated scene with the desired variant. Once the tour has resumed, the configurations revert to the original version.

With the configurator it is possible to simulate:

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