Ferrimobili virtual and augmented tour

The communicative power of virtual tours is amplified

Ferrimobili, a reference point in furnishing solutions for children and a symbol of research and innovation, amplifies the communicative power of its virtual exhibitions and entrusts Dimensione3 with the creation of a new and fascinating augmented tour.

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2021, the company based in Rimini transformed its physical stand into an exclusive digital experience: a virtual visit enriched with augmented objects that enhance the brand image by creating an interactive and prestigious exhibition space.

Product details, signs, rebuilt walls: thanks to the Augmentour technology created by Dimensione3, the visitor can explore the virtual showroom and interact with visual and information elements that amplify its communicative power, making the customer experience fluid and exciting.

Visit the complete virtual tour of Ferrimobili and discover the potential of our augmented tours.