Virtual Tour Biomorphic De Castelli

De Castelli: the value of matter in a virtual tour

Dimensione3 digitizes Biomorphic, the exhibition introduced at Salone del Mobile 2022

De Castelli: the value of matter

For four generations, it has been writing the history of metal and recovering the special role of this material with completely original results. We are talking about De Castelli, the Italian company that moulds metals, creating designer furniture and furnishings that amazes around the world.

Founded in 2003 in the province of Treviso from the idea of Albino Celato, the fourth generation of a family of blacksmiths, De Castelli was among the first Italian companies to introduce design into metalworking, giving it back a privileged role in design experimentation.

Materials are enhanced in a new way, respecting their potential, hidden or obvious, which slowly emerges in a collection of unique pieces, not only because of the hand that created them, but also because of the cultural journey that centers the aesthetic (not just practical) value of the material.

Biomorphic: research and innovation

At its booth at the Salone del Mobile 2022 De Castelli introduced Biomorphic, the first act of a trajectory that will develop over the next few years.

Biomorphic launches organic and natural forms born that have arisen from extensive research on long-forgotten artisanal techniques, such as hammering, used in the late 1800s, that have been “rediscovered” and adopted thanks to cutting-edge technological processes and the help of rare machinery.

At the heart of the exhibition is the large ovoid shape of Ambrosia, a brass desk designed by architect Roberto Nicoletti that embodies the tireless work on curved surfaces. This technique creates soft, organic shapes and generates the magical reflection of light along the brass surface, offering an almost metaphysical vision of the object.


The De Castelli stand also introduced new furniture and decorative objects created in collaboration with Adriano Design, Francesco Forcellini, Luca Pevere, Martinelli Venezia, Elisa Ossino, Stormo Studio and Zanellato Bortotto, the result of the constant dialogue between the company and the most interesting Italian designer.


Virtual Tour: a permanent exhibition, beyond the time of a fair

At the Salone del Mobile, De Castelli decided to stop in time its exhibition by entrusting Dimensione3 with a virtual tour of the space set up at the fair.

The virtual tour is a very valuable tool capable, on the one hand, of engaging the public who have not been able to visit the Salone del Mobile in person, and on the other hand, it creates a permanent exhibition space that allows them to review and relive the atmosphere of our fittings beyond the time of a fair,” tells Francesca Celato, Showroom Manager in De Castelli.

Enter De Castelli’s virtual tour and relive the value of De Castelli’s material.