Boffi | De Padova: virtual showrooms all over the world

Dimension3 digitizes 24 showrooms around the world for the prestigious interior design brand

The interior design team Boffi | DePadova strengthens its virtual presence worldwide and invests in digitization of its flagship stores.

24 virtualized showrooms in the largest cities in Europe, North America and Asia with the collaboration of Dimensione3 which, since 2013, has been involved in transforming physical exhibitions of all kinds into limitless digital environments, which amplify the communicative power of the brand and facilitate the process of promoting its products.

Thanks to the virtual tours created, visitors from all over the world will be able to observe, admire and virtually enter into symbolic places of Made in Italy to walk among some of the most prestigious collections of Italian interior design.

An exciting result for Dimensione3, achieved thanks to an international presence and a network of professionals who have worked from all over the world, offering the Boffi group the opportunity to have a single interlocutor for a global project of digitization of showrooms in Italy and abroad.

Look the interactive map of virtual tours and click on the buttons to visit the stores.