Walking in
a rendering?
Now it's possible

Visit the project of a virtual space.

Our rendering tours show spaces designed and not yet realized, with a virtual visit that allows you to observe the environment in all its details, finishes, furnishings, lights.

The digital visitor can walk in the virtual space with the feeling of being right there in the environment he is observing.

Our tours are a revolution for the construction industry.

Tours displayed via the web
without any software

To visit our rendering tour you do not need any software,you just need an internet connection and any mobile or desktop device.

What we provide for the delivery of our tours:
– Direct link to render tour, disclosed with all digital channels, mail, social, whatsapp, etc.
– Embed code, for the integration of the tour into any web page.

How we make rendering tours

We take care of everything. The customer provides us with information, data and any basic files on which we develop the entire project until the publication of the tour.

Phases of realization

project data

The customer sends us information and project files (only if you have them, plan, CAD files, BIM, etc.)

For existing properties we carry out laser scanning of space to get the point cloud.

3D Model Creation

We develop the 3D model of space.

In the event of a customer request, we can provide the model to the designers, to support the design activity.

Customizing and creating tours

At this stage we develop all the details requested by the customer, finishes, materials, furnishings, lights.

It is possible to create multiple production versions of the virtual space

Publishing on the web

We deliver to the customer the tour publishing codes: direct link, embed code.

You can now view the tour on the web without the need to install any software.

Laser scans of
real estate

Laser scan allows you to obtain a set of information and digital files that provide with the utmost precision the status of a property.

We can provide designers with a survey output that fits their design methodology, from the plant to the point cloud, to the BIM model.

Our laser scanning service integrates with our broader range of architecture and building services, but can also be requested individually based on customer needs.

We are exhibitors at SAIE Bari

At SAIE 2019, we present our new services for construction and architecture. Come and see us at the new hall, stand I09.