Imagine an object made of cardboard

Space for creativity with 3D origami

Small gadgets

3D Puzzle

Imagine the gadget of your marketing campaign, created as a 3D puzzle composed of cardboard shapes, which, when assembled, take on the shape of the object.

friends of the environment

All plastic free products

Imagine a completely plastic free Easter egg, from packaging to surprise, an origami turtle made of cardboard and with a mounting system with joints without any glue.

Fun and constructive

The assembly experience dedicated not only to the little ones

Assembly is a small and rare experience in which the little ones can abandon the smartphone, which stimulates manual skills and creativity. complete the assembly is an experience in which you reach a small goal that gratifies not only the little ones.

Second life

Folded or calendar before, origami after.

Imagine your brochure that at the end of its use in communication becomes an object designed for your marketing campaign. In addition to communicating, you can give your audience an original experience that does not go unnoticed.

Large and small

Large cardboard objects also reproduced in real size

Imagine a 6 x 3 m large industrial machinery that becomes a 150 cm long cardboard puzzle consisting of 46 pieces, and a 12 cm candy holder.

We can also make the same object in real size.

Origami creations in evidence

Zero plastic in the Easter egg

Assembly instructions

Watch the video and find out how to mount the turtle.

A calendar with 6 origami animals

Turtle mom with little children


The Stadler Ballistic in 46 cardboard shapes


Length 6 m. Stadler machinery for the selection of recycled plastic, innovative technologies for the environment.


Length 1 mt. Reproduction in 46 cardboard shapes, innovative technology for environmentally friendly marketing.

Apulian monuments in a calendar

Separate collection ... of candies

Document collection first, candy later.

Folding brochure ... smartphone holder armchair