3D creations of
paper and cardboard

Build a distinctive
marketing campaign

With 3D Origami We can reproduce any object, in paper or cardboard. Small Gadgets Or Large 3d sculptures become the subjects of a marketing campaign, original and distinctive. Our Origami are similar To 3D puzzles, silhouettes composeddesigned with joints or bonding systems, which once assembled take the shape of the object.

Small sizes

Small gadgets made of cardboard. A system of silhouettes mounted with slots and joints. Assembly is engaging and fun not only for the little ones.

We make custom objects based on our customers’ requests, from shape to graphics.

With this technique we make original communication materials, folding materials or calendars before and nice company gadgets after: after use the pre-distellated silhouettes are detached from the cardboard to create the small 3D origami.

Large formats

3D origami in large sizes are objects made of corrugated cardboard or beehive, customized in form and printing.

An exclusive solution to gain visibility through an original promotional campaign.

Light and easy to assemble, ideal to use in high-attendance locations, fairs, shopping malls, storefronts, on the street.

In evidence

Origami calendar composed of 6 little animals

Folding mobile phone seat

Folding origami apecar

Differentiated binder calendar

Various origami large dimensions