Immagina tridimensionale

Tecnologie 3D per il marketing, l'architettura, l'edilizia.

Digital tours

Amplify your exposure

A digital tour is a like a teleporter. The visitor can “walk” remotely and observe the environment with the utmost detail. We have madeover 500 toursin Europe creating the digital version of many spaces in the furniture, nautical, architecture, construction, tourism sectors.

Rendering tour

Walk in a rendering

With our rendering tours you can visit a only designed space developed in computer graphics. It reproduces the effect of the walk typical of our photo tours and the ability to observe all the details of the simulated, furnished and refined environment according to the required customization.

3D Origami

Creazioni in carta e cartone

With our Origami 3D technique, any subject can take shape and become a 3D object in paper or cardboard. Small paper gadgets or large sculptures, created as three-dimensional puzzles, become extraordinary tools for an original and impactful marketing campaign.

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